My Credentials

I have three loves: writing, researching and helping people, especially seniors and their loved ones. An award-winning newspaper and magazine writer for 25 years, I received my best recommendation from one of my early editors: “You are absolutely fearless. You’ll speak to anyone.”

I love to tell stories.  Since 1994 I've witnessed stories of courage, wisdom and tenacity in my work with seniors and their families in retirement communities and nursing centers. Today  I serve as a senior housing and care specialist with Silver Age Housing and Care Referrals. I help people find the best choices in in-home care, assisted living and adult family homes.

This blog also draws from my hard-learned lessons from what I call the “school of hard knocks”—helping my own parents who passed away in 2003 and 2004.  My posts aim to help you learn more about yourself and your aging parent (which we all need to do), discuss difficult issues and eventually advocate for him or her.  Along the way, I'll tell stories about what works--and what might not.

At all costs, I strive to avoid the “cookie-cutter” syndrome. Your relationship with your parent is unique, so what works for someone else may not fit your situation.

I’ll give advice anyway. Remember Lucy, the self-appointed psychiatrist in the classic “Charlie Brown” books? Her sign says “Psychiatry: Five Cents.” Hopefully my words and those of others appearing in this blog will be of more value, perhaps even worth their weight in gold.

I welcome speaking and writing opportunities relating to aging and aging parents:

Professional groups
Civic, church and other groups of people helping their aging parents
Open to media requests

Newspaper and Magazine articles
Newsletters and blogs for senior care organizations

In the meantime, let’s get started!