My Purpose

This blog aims to start conversations with you fellow Baby boomers about virtually anything.  Anything, that is, related to your aging parents.  That might mean talking to a grumpy old man (your dad?) to addressing thorny issues such as giving up the car keys to advocating for your parent when she can’t make decisions for herself.

Whether you’re beginning to step into the uncomfortable role that seems like "parenting," but isn't exactly, or you're struggling with inexpressible emotions as your parent grasps his or her last breath or anywhere in between, my hope is you will find help.

I’ll tap into a pool of experts in aging. Physicians, therapists, authors, geriatric nurse practitioners. Most are friends, or friends of friends, who combine their clinical knowledge with personal anecdotes.

The blog will also feature news on aging topics, excerpts from my favorite authors and guest posts, along with tips to help you understand your parent and yourself, communicate well, and advocate when needed.